!!! N E W S !!!

12.05.23 (05/12/23)


You can now sign to my guestbook! Thanks to smartgb.com! Go to the LINKS tab to sign in!


29.04.23 (04/29/23)


Completely deleted Fun Stuff section, due to uselessnes of it (the page was created almost 2 years ago, it was barely updated and I was only changing the downloads). New music page design - click on the category images to open a window with the music of the category you clicked.


15.04.24 (04/15/24)

Added News Page (still updating), updated some code and added description. Short, I know...

14.04.24 (04/14/24)

Created some cool images! When you hover on the menu (topFrame) it will change to an another image!!! Many of them are from some old stuff I made in the past. Also, the link image is my friend's old vacuume from a short comedy video about "Vacuuming Going Wrong". It is a "funny" short with humour that boys during puberty would make (haha dildo looks like a vacuume tube).


12.04.23 (04/12/23)


No more code troubles with one-page HTMLs for me, it's time to switch to Frames!!


I was thinking on making the whole site on FrontPage 2003, when I had trouble with screensize, I started learning about frames.

I had many troubles with one-page HTML, (All code on one diffrent page) and they took a lot of important space.


Now, everything is simple and efficient! I can just make a folder, create a file and link it to the mainFrame.