StudioCill (not my real name!!!)

6 July

ASD & gastrointestinal problems


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Film-making and Editing

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ABOUT ME (not intrests etc., just a short biography or something):

I'm STUDIOcill and I always had an intrest of making movies. My first ever film was "The Plush School" (Szkoła Pluszaków) which I recorded with Dad's camera when I was 5 or 7.
The "movie" was unedited, amateurish and very poorly recorded.
I also got into photography, and my first photos (not movies) were of mushrooms in woods. When I grew up, I started making animations with legos, the first being made using pauses in the camera (a continious recording, when I wanted to change the character etc, I would pause and continoue).
Later, I started making movies with my own camera, this time with friends. They were awesome (check out movies page for more info). To this day, my movies stand for cheapness, low-budget but also passion and dedication to intrests.

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